Purpose of the Public Broadcasting Service

The mission of the Public Broadcasting System is to create viewer content that is informative, educational and inspires those that watch. PBS accomplishes their mission by offering programming that expands the horizons of children.

PBS offers informative and inspirational documentaries that help to open up new places and data to the viewer. News programs that are non-commercialized which inform viewers of what is happening in the world. Programs that help expose Americans to the different worlds of dance, art, music and theater.

The goal is to make the Public Broadcasting System the largest classroom in America. The station is available to all of the children in America, including those unable to attend preschool and it offers educational content that helps children prepare when they do attend school.

The system is the largest source of media content provider for teachers of preschool. It is also the first place parents go for videos for preschool children online. The content provided is proven to help improve the literary skills of preschool and young children.

Another commitment that PBS is committed to providing is bringing the arts to the viewers in America. Its goal is to keep the arts alive not just for today's youth, but for generations and generations. Because of this goal, it provides a large amount of content with music, dance, theater and art. For most people the only place they get to experience performance art of this type is by viewing it on PBS.

During 2010 PBS was able to offer over 500 hours of cultural and arts programming which had a viewership of over 94 million people. The system's idea is to offer programming for a number of different genres, interests and ages. Over 150 million get to see programming either on the television or online, in order to explore the motivating world of history, science, culture and public affairs through the trusted content of PBS.


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