Public Broadcasting Service

The Public Broadcasting System is a non-profit, private corporation that was founded in 1969. Members of the system are the public TV stations in America. The educational, noncommercial licenses are in operation at over 350 member stations and serve the 50 states in U.S., the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and Guam.

The Public Broadcasting Service has grown from just a broadcast organization to a leader in multi-platforms that serves people of the United States through television, the Web, mobile TV, whiteboards in schools that are interactive and many more sources. The Service reaches an average of over 120 million people via the television and another 20 million via the internet every month. PBS commissions a research annually to measure the performance of the organization and its value as it is judged by the most important client, the public.

National studies that have been recently performed show that PBS is ranked number one in several categories for public trust, satisfaction of programs, trusted source of public affairs and news, leader of programming for children and as a trusted place for children to watch television and visit the internet.

A recent poll showed that the public in the United States view PBS as an invaluable and good investment of their tax dollars. Over 70% of the voters say PBS is excellent for the value of their tax contribution. Nearly 70% are opposed to eliminating federal funding to keep public broadcasting. Just less than 80% believe the same amount or more funding should be given to PBS by the government. Just over 60% think if the government defunded PBS, it would cause significant or massive loss to the country. The system relies on the government and the public to fund its operation broadcast to the people in the United States and its territories, a content that is educational, informational and safe for all ages.


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